Media Gallery

Below is a growing collection of photographs that I have taken.  Photographs capture meaning in a moment.  It defines what was viewed at that moment through the lens; beauty, reflection, symbolism, happiness, serenity, pain and sadness, triumph, joy and peace.  Capturing a memory can bring back a flood of feelings and memories about an event or time in your life.  It makes me think about what metaphorical lens do I wear when looking at life, at people, and events.  How have the events of my life clouded my lens?  If you need to re-adjust your lens like I do quite often, this simple prayer can reconnect you to the ‘lens cleaner’.

Psalm 146:8  “The LORD opens the eyes of the blind; The LORD raises up those who are bowed down.”

Jesus, you created me, and the way I view life, thank you for creating me so intricately.  Please renew the lens in which I view life and people around me.  May I see the beauty in people that you see and a clear vision of how I can meet the needs of others.  


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