Happy New Year – Living in the Moment

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Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. (ESV)

Sometimes when we reflect on the year that was, and look to the year that is is fast approaching, we can become anxious about what the year will hold.  Will I have the strength to be gracious throughout the year whatever it brings? Will I have the courage to face the giants that come my way? Will I have the wisdom to make the right decisions for myself and my family?  Will I have the energy to be the wife, mother and friend to those who matter most? These are all real questions as we ponder on our journey into the coming year. I love the quote that goes something like this…instead of telling your great problems to God, let your problems know how great your God is!  The verse above commands us not to be anxious (easier said than done sometimes!!) but to take those anxious thoughts straight to God. It also highlights the importance of gratitude, and that simply being thankful can help to lift us out of a downward anxious spiral.

This year my mantra is all about living and enjoying the moment I am in right now. It’s all about being fully present and available, and soaking up the moment. Often I find myself thinking about the next task, or what is for tea, or thinking about the housework that needs doing when I get home, or the marking the needs to be done next week, or worrying about what happened yesterday. These all steal the enjoyment of living in, and enjoying the moment to its fullest. Those thoughts take up space in one’s mind, meaning we are in fact not 100% in the moment. It means when we are enjoying something with our loved ones, we are actually not there 100% for them. I think of my kids and husband, and want to be 100% there for them, as I know my kids are growing up fast. Not only do I need to enjoy the moment, but they need me to be enjoying the moment with them 100%.

So at the river yesterday, we talked a little longer, paddled and threw stones more, and intentionally just thought about the experience we were in. Not about yesterday, not about tomorrow but the surroundings, sounds and people we were with.

Today at the picnic table in my back yard I closed my eyes and listened to the birds for a moment longer, and didn’t take my phone with me to share coffee with my husband.

The other day we didn’t rush from Hamner, rather I sat and enjoyed watching the kids have fun on the hydroslide for those few more runs. I knew dinnertime had long gone, and we would be getting home very late, but instead of dwelling on that and thinking about how grumpy they might be in the morning, I enjoyed the fun of the moment. I gave my 100% for the kids for that moment of playing on the hydroslide. Driving home we stopped on the side of the road to watch the sunset, just for that fraction longer instead of rushing like I tend to do.

I don’t really do resolutions, but this is one I want to carry on when holidays are done and we are back to routine. Yes it is good to reflect, and it is good to plan, however not at the expense of the ones you are sharing the current moment with. Give your thoughts and anxieties to God, and enjoy resting in the moment He has given you. Rest in His peace and knowledge that he has your future in His hands.  Claim His promises as you enter a new year. Have a happy and blessed 2019.

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