The Winding Path

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I turn my weary eyes to you, Lord, when I can’t see the road ahead.
And when it twists and winds and takes unexpected turns, I trust.
I trust in you, the giver of my path.
I trust in you, the light to my experience.
When my road is blocked by obstacles out of my control,
When my road takes a lengthy detour not planned…I simply trust.

I turn my eyes to you, Lord, when the load I carry feels heavy.
When I can’t do it any more out of my own strength, I turn to you.
I trust you, the bearer of my burdens.
I trust you, the one who steadies my steps.
Why, I ask, do I always wait until I have tried everything,
Why don’t I just give it to you, Lord, in the first place?

I turn my eyes to you, Lord, when there is a fork in the road.
And when both directions look just as wise, I seek you.
I trust you, the giver of direction
I trust you, the one who guides.
When it is hard to know what path to take,
I take a step of faith, and feel your hand.

I turn my eyes to you, Lord when the road is uphill,
When the path is hard and wearies my soul, I lean on you
I trust you, my tower and strength
I trust you, the bearer of eagles wings.
When the road is testing my endurance,
I will stop for a moment and rest in your assurance.

I turn my eyes to you, Lord, when my road is clear
And when the path is wide, and beautiful, I pause to thank you
I trust you, the deliverer of good things
I trust you, the giver of green pastures.
When the path is clear, and blessings abundant, I share your goodness
I praise your name, for you are faithful and good to me.

Whatever the road you are travelling is like,
Whether it be open and green, or hazy and dark
Trust God, the creator of your journey
Trust God, the author and sustainer of your life
For His grace is sufficient, and His love, extravagant
And as He has the bigger picture in mind, I trust.

So walk this road, knowing your Saviour faithfully leads
Walk this road with confidence in your Maker.
Trust Him who has plans for your future
Trust Him who knows what is best.
For the path you are given to travel right now,
Might be part of a much bigger plan, to encourage and to bless.

So share your journey, when it is both good and rough
For if your neighbour is struggling, it might breathe life
Tell about the journey giver and guide,
Tell about the One who gives life, grace and hope.
Your winding path story, might speak life and deliverance,
Of Jesus, for someone who is travelling a similar road.

Winding path leading from Nugget Point Lighthouse, South Island, New Zealand

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