Animals of Petra

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The animals around Petra fascinated me. They know the true meaning of survival! Horses, donkeys, camels, cats and lizards were the features of my day in Petra. I felt for the animals as there was not a lot of evidence of water bowls or food, and they seemed to be constantly working. Some had injuries and wounds, with flies for company, some just looked plain worn out. I struggled with that. I struggled with the way animals are treated, and I also struggled with knowing how hard it is for some to simply make a living in a harsh country. Philosophically speaking there will always be someone taking advantage of someone or something else in this world…and so it is up to us to be a part of making a difference. Even a small difference is still a difference for someone or something and it is worth it. So I did buy things in Petra to support the local Bedouin people. But I did not pay for a horse or donkey ride, I let them rest for one ride’s worth. It seems insignificant for one, but there is power in many thinking and acting ethically and lovingly.


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