When you have a “bla” day

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Today started well; a good sleep, waking up to sunshine, a public holiday, kids being great friends to each other, a beautiful coffee on the patio…what more could one ask for? Then I realised I was feeling pretty “bla”. My energy was sapped from me, and I didn’t feel like doing anything…nothing at all. Motivation was gone. There was plenty I could be doing, and not all chores either. But I just didn’t feel like it. I lay down on my bed and promptly had a nap. I thought this was a little strange to have a nap an hour or two after getting up, but I went with it assuming my body needed it.

Sometimes we need to give our bodies and souls a day of doing what you need to do. Instead of feeling indebted to everyone else, sometimes we just need to stop and feed ourselves, and not play the guilt game because we haven’t visited this person, or responded to those emails, or taken the family on a full day of adventure. So I thought it would be good for me to puddle around in the garden, and get some sunshine on me. I decided one little corner would do for now, understanding that when I feel like this very very small successes are important. For me, getting started is the hardest and the most important. Not expecting the whole garden bed to be done, I started on my little corner. Before I knew it hubby and I were making our way through the whole bed and I was feeling better. I sat on the grass, pulling weeds from the garden bed, feeling the cool soil and the warm sun and I was starting to feel ‘grounded’ again.

So…some tips for when you are having a bla day…

  • Have a nap – don’t feel guilty at all, because you will be more productive and less grumpy after a nap!
  • Drink lots of water and eat well.
  • Go for a walk
  • Make a ‘can-do’ list rather than a ‘to-do’ list. The mental shift here is important.
  • Get some wonderful sunshine on your body (if the weather is not -10 degrees)
  • Ground yourself – like walking barefoot in the grass, running your hands through the trees, go cuddle a chicken (yes I do that) or a cat, lay on your back in the grass…
  • Listen to music
  • Chat to a friend – preferably over a cup of tea
  • Do something you enjoy – hobby, colouring in, writing, photography, cooking…
  • Last but not least at all…turn to God’s Word for encouragement.

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