Be encouraged – Bible verse for today

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Search me, God. Not my neighbour, not my brother or sister, not the man on the street…search ME! In and out, through and through, leave nothing un-turned. See into all the hidden places, the corners of my mind I try to camouflage. Know my heart – my deepest desires, deepest hurts, the things that drive me, the ways I think and operate. Know my motives for everything. Test me and know my anxious thoughts. I am not alone, you know and understand my anxieties and worries. See if you can find all the things that hinder me, that draw me to sin, that draw others to sin and wipe it out by your grace. Transform me, take away everything offensive and ugly. Mould my character into something that will last forever. Shape my thoughts and actions for eternity, and as you do I pray that you would use that as an instrument to draw others closer to you.


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