Christmas thoughts & Sponge Sandwich Recipe

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On order from my kitchen this Christmas is my mum’s trifle recipe. It’s a traditional recipe, non-alcoholic (using homemade grapejuice to soak the sponge), jelly, custard, cream…repeat if the bowl has room. I add extras, like lots of berries (more than she would have used), grated chocolate for the top (along with the traditional strawberries and kiwifruit). Depending on what is on hand, I might add crumbled meringue on top or mini flake bars. I feel the ever increasing need to keep these traditions alive in our family, now that mum is too frail to come share Christmas dinner with us. Instead we will take our presents to the rest home and spend Christmas morning there. Other traditions of mum’s cooking included belgium biscuits, christmas cake, chocolate truffles, pavlova, shortbread and chocolate chippie biscuits, and her amazing christmas steamed pudding and custard. There would always be lamb and mint sauce, roast chicken, roast potatoes and new minted potatoes from Dad’s garden. There would be new season’s peas, beans and maybe honey glazed carrots. Accompanying all of that would be good laughter, and happy memories.

Making memories is so important, making the most of time together is needed this season. Now is the time to make new memories, that my children will savour and reminisce about when they are old. Whilst I reminisce about past Christmas’, I smile, but also feel a little sad. I hang on to the promises in the Bible such as ‘be strong as of good courage…the Lord goes before you (Deut 31:6). And ‘do not fear for God is with me, He will uphold me’ (Isa 41:10), and talking about Heaven, where ‘there will be no more sadness’ (Rev 21:4). Come Lord Jesus!

So back to cooking…in preparation to making this trifle, and since we have an abundance of eggs, I found a simple ‘sponge sandwich’ recipe from Adrian’s grandmother’s recipe book. It worked a treat, and has been put in an airtight container, ready to use to assemble the trifle.

Sponge Sandwich
4oz (100g) self raising flour
1 level tab cornflour
Pinch salt
3 eggs
4oz fine sugar
2 tabs hot milk

Separate yolks and whites of eggs. Add pinch of salt to whites and beat stiffly. Add yolks and sugar and beat till quite think. Then sift in flour and cornflour. Fold the flour very lightly with knife or spoon. Add milk, divide in 2. Bake 15 mins (at 180 deg C).

I pray that we all have a blessed Christmas with those we love, making the time to be together. May we keep traditions going, making memories, even new memories together. Maybe our new memories will be with strangers we meet, or with those closest and dearest. Maybe our memories will totally break away from our known traditions, and branch out to make different traditions! Maybe our memories will be made with our neighbours, church family or those we interact with in our community. Our memories might be made at home, at the resthome, at the campground, church or at the beach…Whatever your situation, may you be blessed as you reach out, and make some wonderful memories this Christmas.

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