Verse for today – the key to wisdom and good judgement

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Fearing God is the foundation of wisdom…it is the key to gaining wisdom. When we respect God and what He has to say in His Word, then we are allowing Heaven to pour down pearls of wisdom into our life. If we don’t respect/fear God, we won’t ascribe any importance to Gods advice for us. Knowledge of God through His Word, and His Spirit then will help in good judgement as we make decisions.

Thank you Father for your promise of wisdom and knowledge. We want to know you more, and find more pearls of wisdom in you Word. Help us to rely on your Word, to trust that You will give us the wisdom we need. We respect you, God and ask that you would take the helm of our life. Direct us, lead us in Your way, in the way that You know is best for us. Thank you, Amen!

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