Encouragement for today – Be still

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Be still my racing heart
And listen.
Listen to the heartbeat
Put in motion
By God himself

He does not intrude
Into the noise of life
He is the one waiting
For us to stop
And be still

Be still my troubled soul
From the busyness
Of mortal life
Rest in His quietness
That He offers

He does not urgently press
Into our manmade schedule
He patiently waits
For His turn with us,
In our quietness

Be still my mind
Of things that worry
Things that beg
For my attention
They can wait

Be still
And know fully
That in the quietness
This is where He speaks

Be still
And know fully
Of the Spirit that leads
Changing my perspective
Giving me peace

Be still
Just stop
Soak His presence
Live again.

Know Him
My creator
Lover of my soul
My God Almighty
He is My God!

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