Why ‘Life by the Word’?

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My name is Vicky Bell, I am a wife, mother of three and teacher of many!  I live in beautiful Ohoka, New Zealand, and am a part of a wonderful church congregation here in Christchurch.  I have always loved journalling my thoughts since I was little, especially my devotional life.  It helps me navigate and make sense of the bumpy parts of life, and then it encourages me when I read back on experiences.  It allows me to see the hand of God in my life.  The last few years I have started to write down prayers and after finding that one of my spiritual gifts was writing and encouragement, it made sense to combine the two.  Recently, the Spoken Word has inspired me to join my love of poetry and writing about spiritual things in a way that gives a little more freedom to writing.  I gain inspiration from nature, photography and my own relationships and journey, and hope that the topics here will encourage readers to seek Jesus.  I pray that you will join me as I continue my journey, as a wife, parent, teacher and a child of God.  Join me as I speak about the goodness of our God!

Blessings, arohanui (Maori for ‘much love’)

Lake Lyndon, Canterbury High Country




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