A Prayer for Father’s Day

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Psalm 103:13 “As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him.”

Our loving Father, thank you for your goodness to us every day.  Thank you for another day of life, for the beautiful signs of spring, and for time spent with you.

Thank you for the men in our lives, the pillars, the strength, the mentors and the models of what it means to be a man of God.


Thank you for our young boys, help us as family, friends and church community to surround our boys with love and support as they grow and figure out who they are in you, Jesus.  They are precious and we love them.

Bless our young men as they find their purpose – may you reveal your love, grace and direction for their lives.  We love their energy and enthusiasm, and appreciate them.

Thank you for our husbands, bless them as they lead our families.  Give them energy, wisdom and discernment.  Thank you for the many man caves, jars opened, things fixed and noises checked out.  They are cherished and we love them.

Thank you for our Dads, as this time of year is all about honouring our dads.  Thank you also for the people in our lives who are just like a dad to us.  Thank you for them.  Thank you for the pillar of strength that they are, for the countless words of advice, for the many hours worrying about their children…even for the dad jokes…Lord we truly honour them today and love them.

Thank you for our granddads, grandpa’s, poppa’s, pa’s, poppy’s and pop’s.  Thank you for their devotion, fun and wisdom.  Bless them with good health and many more years.  We honour them and love the.

Most of all, thank you God for being the greatest Father of all.  We are in awe that you call us sons and daughters of the Most High, co-heirs with Christ!  (Romans 8:17).  Please may your Holy Spirit infuse us completely, may we see Jesus and accept His grace fully.  Lord, may you come soon.  We know this world is only a small stepping stone to Heaven, so we take this time to commit everything to you today.  We place all our worries and decisions into your care and ask that you would guide us, shape our character, and help us to be more like Jesus.  We love you, bless us and everyone we come into contact with today.


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