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John 11:25-26 “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life.  The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.  Do you believe this?”

I walk the streets aimlessly.  I am searching but not finding.  I have youth on my side, but my soul feels aged beyond years.  Where is my God, what is my purpose?   My God, why have you forsaken me?  Why can’t I see you, hear you or feel you?

I am trying to find meaning, in a world where meaning is meaningless, senseless, worthless.  In a world of selfish ambition and aspiration, I find insignificance and nothingness.  My soul is bombarded with ‘you should be better’,  ‘you should have more’, ‘you should be happy’.  It is materialistic and humanistic; my soul is fragile. Why then am I here?  Is it worth it?  Why should I care?  If my only meaning is to survive and strive, to make myself better and avoid the debtor, then why then am I here?

My sleep is restless.  I know I am here for a better reason, I must be!  I need to find it, I need to grab it; take hold of it.  I need to make it my own.  Are you there God?



Then God turns up.  In the darkness and silence, he takes hold of my hand and speaks to me, piercing the very core of my mind.  With assertiveness yet gentleness, he simply says ‘child, I made you, I have been here all along’.  Before you even existed I had thought of you.  With a word I flung the galaxies into the universe, with a word I set the earth in motion, formed the animals and I breathed life into your nostrils, giving you emotion.  I created you in my image, I blessed you with creativity and called you my child.  My son, my daughter whom I love.  I turned your dusty body into a living being, your blind eyes into windows for seeing.  I know the number of hairs on your head, and the map of lines on your fingers, each DNA thread. I know your desires, and what your soul requires…and I can fulfil that. Fully.

I have plans for you, declares the Lord.  Plans for each one of you, and more than that, He has promised to bless you.  God sees the potential, and it is essential that we see the same in each other.  God has promised to give vision to our young people.  A vision for a more connected community in a disconnected society.  A vision for reaching out and meeting needs where they are, getting down and dirty, finding the hurting…just like Jesus did.  A vision for a real Christianity in a fake world.  Lets put off the hypocrisy and mediocrity, and take on the real Jesus, take off the mask that we so efficiently put on.  Let us lift each other up, be real, share our struggles and trials as they are.

Young people, you have all the potential that your Saviour wants to pour over you, not sprinkle, but pour, over and over, more and more.  Stay connected to the true vine, be the branch, and bear much fruit.   In a world of little purpose, know that you have a grand part to play in the big story of Jesus and Salvation of your very soul.  You are beautiful the way you are, created just the way Jesus wanted you to be.  You are important and valuable, Jesus paid more than this world for you, he paid for you in death. That same Jesus gives all hope in a hopeless world.  Jesus who died the death so we could have life. Jesus who lived the life we should have, so we could have life everlasting!  Jesus, who has conquered sin and death – it is already won!  Death could not hold Him, Satan could not bind Him, He has already overcome anything you consider tribulation or degeneration. It is done!  Jesus!

There is no time like right now, to stand up and proclaim that Jesus is sovereign, He IS coming again, and He will give us all purpose and meaning. And when all is said and done, I will not walk aimlessly, I will not doubt myself, I will not degrade myself any more.  I will let Satan know how big my God is, and I will let my God fight for me.  I will walk purposefully and with my head held high, because I am a child of the King, and he is my Father, Saviour and Friend, and he has called me.  He has called you.


A message to our young people.

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