New Zealand Psalm

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I wrote this Psalm at the end of High School back in the mid 90’s, inspired by many of David’s psalms.  It still inspires and reminds me to praise God through the uniqueness of where we find ourselves, whether it be the country, city park, or even the back yard.  I find God easily in places like the mountains, forests and streams; probably because in these places I am still and quiet, unplugged from the busy-ness of our life.  We all have our own places where we find calmness and freedom of thought, and where we can listen for God whether it be a bird call or lapping water.  It is in those places that God  meets us, wants to join in with us in appreciating the moment.

New Zealand Psalm

Sing from the mountain-tops and shout to the clear skies
Everyone who lives and breathes – Praise our mighty God!

Let the whole of our island, praise our mighty God
Mountains and valleys, plains, forests and farmland

Let the vegetation praise our mighty God
Kowhai and kauri, silver fern, flax and beech

Let all animals praise our mighty God
Sheep and Tuatara, bats, and hedghogs

Let the birds of the forest praise our mighty God
Kakapo and kiwi, tui, bellbird and kereru

Let all insects praise our mighty God
Weta and butterflys, beetles and honeybees

Let all waters praise our mighty God
Rockpools and hotsprings, blowholes, rivers and streams

Let the life in our rivers praise our mighty God
Salmon, koura, tuna and whitebait

Let everything in the vast seas praise our mighty God
Seal and penguin, starfish, kina and dolphin

Let the magnificent mountains praise our mighty God
Aoraki and Ruapehu, glaciers, ice and ski fields

Let busy cities take time to praise our mighty God
Parks and streets, trams, museums and townhalls

Let all music give praise to our mighty God
Guitar and orchestra, waiata, choirs & bands

Let everything living under the sun
Sing praise to our mighty God
Who is our everything, our all in all
Our life-giver, sustainer and Saviour
Praise His name!



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