Thankful for Diversity

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This is a prayer I wrote for a cultural celebration service. I have edited it to be more readable and accessible for any context.  May we celebrate our differences, and see beauty in our diversity.

Loving Father,

We bow with hearts so full of thanks.  Thank you for times of worship where we can worship together as a family or community, or simply meditate on our own. Thank you for every person who touches our lives, every person who you made unique and with so much love.  Help us to see each other as you see us, full of potential and individuality.  May we see each other as loved brothers and sisters, all saved through Jesus.  Please forgive us when we pass unnecessary judgement, and treat each other as less valuable. Thank you for the beauty that we have in our diversity, yet we are all in common with our love for Jesus, and our need to make sense of this world.  Thank you that the commonality of Jesus can bind us together in a world that wants to separate.  Lord please be our answer today as we search for meaning in a world that is lost.

Thank you Jesus for sustaining us each day, for giving us courage, joy, peace – even when things are bumpy.  I pray Father that you would take the troubles, stress, sicknesses of this week and replace it with courage, determination, peace and contentment because we know that you have promised in the Bible that “we can do all things though Christ who strengthens us ” (Philippians 4:13).  Help us to realise the power and peace we can have with you.  We give permission for you to work in our lives, change us, heal us, fix us up.

Please fill our hearts with your sweet Spirit, may we hear your encouragement from Heaven.


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