God, are you there?

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My students inspired these thoughts in me today.

My God, are there?
Do you even care?

How do we see a loving God, in a world so full of pain?
How do we see through tainted glasses, the sun through the rain?
I try to think of the once perfect world, but sin has ruined my sight
Sin has given me too many lies, it tells me to survive I fight.

So God, why the tears and frustration? I don’t understand this earth.
Why the struggle and fight for freedom, since our feeble birth
What is the point of it all? To be born, and live to die,
And all along the way, just live out a meaningless lie?

But there is a point to it all, I remember the Bible tells me,
Seen woven through and through, a sacred theme we see.
In the pages a theme of love and redemption are found,
Stories of humans like me, where God’s grace abounds.

From Moses to David, from John the Beloved to Paul
God steps in each time, and breaks down the wall
God does what humans cannot do, He takes His part
He restores our thoughts, He heals our heart

The one sheep was terribly lost, as was the coin and prodigal son
God commanded courage for frightened Gideon, the battle was won
Each story in the Bible tells a familiar line of a sinner so lost
In their selfishness, sin and lies, their life is the cost!

Since the dawn of history, the devil’s jealousy set in,
And ever since that inward battle, we have forever struggled with sin.
But when all hope seemed lost, God’s plan was declared
To renew, reinstate humanity, with perfection and care.

On every page of that book, real stories are told,
Of a mighty God who steps in, to take our mortal hand to hold.
And it promises at the end of time, Sin will be no more,
The Son of Man will return with blazing angles and a roar.

For the victory was won, way back on the cross that day,
When Jesus gave his life to darkness, and in the still tomb he lay.
The real win happened though, when death could not hold Him,
The stone rolled away, the Son rose to conquer sin!

But the end is not yet, the story of earth still unfolds,
It must run its course, there are more chapters it holds.
And although at times, it still seems the devil has the win
It is Jesus who is already the winner, He has beaten this thing called Sin.

So the battle called sin, in advance has been won,
We can join the winning team, of the victorious Son.
And while we journey this life and wait for his return,
There are many people to inspire, and lessons to learn.

In my life I see my God, working here and there,
He reminds me through creation of his power, and that He is near.
Through my life experiences of disappointment and pain,
I do see the shining SON through the falling rain.

He gently reminds me that these things are temporary ills
Not to worry or fear, as my soul His Spirit fills.
In a world of uncertainty He gives me unspeakable peace
My anxious thoughts and worries, start to cease.

It is these personal things that remind me each day
That God is present, He steps in come what may.
And whatever may happen in my journey, I will boast
Jesus has won my soul – and this matters most.

I will run this race of life, with confidence and I’ll persevere
Because Jesus has already won this battle I hear.
By faith I accept that He does the work of restoring and redeeming,
My sin stained clothes He takes, and promises to do the cleaning.

So I know God, that you are there, beside me all the while,
I will trust you forever, for with me, you have walked the mile.
Come soon Lord Jesus, I anticipate that day
When you return and take me home, and clean the earth of decay.

I dream of that wonderful day, when sin will be gone,
There will be no more sadness, empty lies and wrong.
In the meantime Lord, help me be a light
To share the eternal hope of your majesty and might!

There are many people who need to know,
How you lift and restore us from our foe.
My God help them know with certainty that you are there,
My God I thank you that you care.

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