Spring Prayer

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This prayer was written for our church, to celebrate spring, a baby dedication and a baptism.  It was such a high, happy day!

Our Father in Heaven,
How awesome is your name.

We celebrate today, and know the angels in Heaven celebrate with us too.  If only our eyes could be opened to see Heavenly presence around us!

For the cycle of life, and the seasons, we rejoice and thank you for the promise of Spring.  In the lengthening days and the sunlights warmth on the soil, we see the hand of the Creator preparing for spring growth.  For the delicacy of snowdrops, the vibrancy of daffodils, we marvel at your wonders, and see all around us reflections of the Creators hand. For new born lambs, their joy and exuberance, we rejoice in the promise of growth and desire to have a hint of their energy!  For all of intricate creation and the majesty of its Creator, we anticipate what you have in store for us.  As you bring forth new growth from the cold frozen ground, may you spring new life from our sometimes hard hearts, and turn it into something vibrant and beautiful.

Creator God, forgive us when we are blinded by things of this world.  Open our eyes to see your signature all around us, open our lips to praise you more, and the share how marvellous you are with others.  Bless our hands, that we may show more kindness to others.

Today we celebrate the dedication of your baby girl.  Lord, bless this gorgeous little life, that she may be grounded in her knowledge of a Saviour who loves her.  Surround the family with wisdom, patience and love and enable her sister to be the wonderful big sister and friend you designed her to be.  We ask you to bless her, protect her and mould her into the wonderful person you have created her to be.  Jeremiah 29:11 promises that “You know the plans You have for her, plans to prosper her, and not to harm her”.  We bless You Father,  for designing her path, having it all planned out even before she was born.  And now we put her and her future into Your hands, bless her and her family abundantly.

We also celebrate new life after baptism!  Lord as these two young people profess their desire to put you first in their lives, bless them to overflowing.  Protect them, surround them with your angels of protection and most importantly, fill them with your Holy Spirit, that they may walk confidently in You, and serve others with their God-given gifts.  As they navigate this road called life, help us as their church family to surround them, support them and uphold them in prayer.

Unite us, Father, bring us together as a community.  Forgive us Lord, we want to start new today.  We desire to have You by our side, so please take away anything in us that stops that.  We ask for your Holy Spirit in our lives…that we may trust our instincts, trust the still small voice and live confidently in You, serving each other with love.  And as we look forward to Heaven one day, may we all be found with Jesus in our place, declaring us right with You.  We love You, Lord, we praise You for being our rock, our shelter, our lighthouse, provider and Saviour.  We lift up our hands to You today in worship, for You are worthy.


Blossom and Spring Bulbs
Hagley Park – Christchurch

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