Rejoicing through the valley

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Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice!

Philippians 4:4 (NLT)

When you find yourself in the valley, rejoice in God’s protection.
When you feel the darkness enveloping you, be glad for God’s light.
When you are beyond empty, find thankfulness in God’s sufficient grace.
When your soul is blue, be full of God’s joy that he freely offers.
When you feel down, find something to express gratitude to God.
When you are weak and attacked, rejoice for your Tower of Strength.
When you are distraught, be thankful for the Comforter.
When the lions of life are near, feel the security of the Good Shepherd
When answers seem far, rejoice in God’s providence.
When you can’t see a way out, be thankful for God’s bigger plan
Rejoice for God’s omniscience, when you don’t know your next steps.
Rejoice in the Lord always,
In the valley
In the darkness
In the dead-end
Rejoice always

Be happy for God’s delight in you, for He created you,
Be content with who you are, for you were made in His image.
Ask God for the bigger perspective,
For our own view on things is but a shadow of reality.
Ask God for his gladness, joy and peace,
For ours is tainted by our own pride, sin-tainted thoughts and worry.
Rejoice when you experience the joy of life’s accomplishments,
Rejoice in the times of happiness and contentment,
Rejoice when you see answered prayers and direction.
Rejoice in the Lamb that takes our death and replaces it with life
Be thankful for Jesus who endured our pain, and knows our journey.
Rejoice in the Lord always,
On the mountain top
In the light of happy times
In the path full of opportunity
Rejoice always

And again I say, rejoice


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