Anxious Heart

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People rushing here and there
Endless to do lists
Appointments and errands
No time to be still
No time to listen
To the still small voice.
Feeling trapped in our own country
Like a fish in a pond.
Out of our control.
Feeling tight and spinning
Wound up

My God says, ‘Be still’
My work says ‘Get it done’
My family says, ‘please can we..’
My church says, ‘serve others’
My neighbours say ‘we haven’t talked’
My pets say, ‘please just a pat’
Be still
Rest the mind
Let go
Protect the boundaries
Of the anxious heart.

My God says, ‘Be still’
Nothing else,
Be still, rest in Me
Seek Me first
My God says, ‘Give me your yoke’
Take mine instead.
One day at a time
Given over to the Creator
Be still
And know
That I am God.
Your God,
Of your anxious heart.

Be Still and Know that I am God

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