Be encouraged… Today’s verse – He is still working!

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It is God, all powerful, majestic, omniscient and omnipresent, creative and faithful God, who works in us. He loves us enough to see so much potential, that he even bothers to work in us, work on our thoughts, desires, our character. He could sweep us under the carpet and start over, but no. He chooses to work in us, with patient tenderness.

Why? So that our thoughts, desires and purpose are translated into action. Actions that are our spiritual acts of worship. Actions that glorify the One who made us, actions that are compassionate and call us and others to look to the cross. Actions that meet people’s needs and re-point to an eternal reason for life.

What is the result? That these thoughts and actions fulfil God’s ultimate purpose. His good purpose. And what is that? That we would be reconciled, reconnected, restored to knowing Him, the one who bridges the gap between sin and Heaven. Loving Him who offers His goodness for our sin, His purity for our stains. His peace is offered for our discontent. His everlasting life and perfect relationships in exchange for our death sentence and brokenness.

That’s God’s purpose, yes Jesus, please work your good and beautiful purpose in my life. Reconcile, reconnect and restore me today.

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