Verse for today – don’t give up

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God calls us to stand firm, endure, to not be shaken or toppled. He pleads with us to not give up on the beliefs we hold dear. Standing true to the gospel of Jesus, never laying aside His grace, never denying the living Christ.

It can be hard to endure, sometimes we cling, barely hanging on. I read a quote today the said ‘If you are hanging on by a thread, make sure it is the thread of HIS garment.’ We don’t have to ‘hang on’ alone. Jesus promises to be our rock, to carry us, to strengthen us. His strength will be ours. His endurance is ours. He calls us to believe and trust. Eternity is worth us hanging on for, standing firm, rooted in Jesus. Jesus, our strong foundation, strong arms and carrier of burdens. Trust Him, He’s done the hard work for you.

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