My sheep know my voice

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I had some lovely conversations with my sheep last weekend. I don’t know who needed the serenity and connection more…them or me! They are really beginning to know us and trust us. They recognise us…they even know the sound of the back door now and will baa in anticipation of some sheep nut treats! They love a nice scratch on the nose and head, and generally like to be around us. Our sheep are very tolerant of our noisy guinea fowl, and bossy turkeys and don’t really complain at them much at all. It is very serene at times, looking out at the peaceful sheep loving their olive grove.

Just like my sheep knows us, the more time we spend with Jesus our shepherd, the more we know his voice. Just like us, who have spend regular time with our sheep gaining love and trust, we need to spend regular time with our shepherd. To truly trust Him and know His voice. Our sheep are fully reliant on us to make sure they have water, hay and shelter – especially in winter. So it is with us…we think we are self reliant, but in the end our very existence is reliant on the One who gave us breath in the first place. How much more should we get to know our shepherds voice…our protector and provider.

Thank you Jesus for providing for us, thank you stir protecting us and calling us your own. Thank you that you have adopted us, made us heirs to your kingdom. Thank you for your never ending love for us your sheep.

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