Encouragement for today – strong and courageous

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Lord we wait for you. We all have desires on our heart, people we are praying for, situations we lift to you…and so we wait. We trust in your timing, we wait in anticipation of the marvellous things you are going to do. We wait for you to heal, mend our brokenness and light up our way. We rest in you, knowing that your plan and timing is perfect.

We draw on your strength and courage as we wait. Strength to not give up, strength to keep on going. Courage in knowing that we can manage today, knowing that you already have me in the palm of your hand. Thank you for providing us the inner strength and courage while we wait for you. While we wait may we soak in your goodness, mercy and grace. But Lord please don’t keep us waiting for long. Rescue us, fulfil your promise of healing and intervention. Thank you, Jesus!

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