Encouragement for today – worry less

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Worry, anxiety, stress…these things can plague us so often. Jesus had some wise advice here in Matthew chapter 6. Advice that I find I have to be constantly reminded of.

I am a worrier. A natural at it, actually. I have perfected the art of worry-insomnia. But here, again, God reminds me that he has a solution. Give our worries to him. When we release our anxieties and worries over to God, it frees our mind. We can take the big deep breath and say, “ok God, please take this from me, give me your peace knowing you have this under control. I can’t do anything by worrying, so help me to put energy into things that I can make a difference in.”

Some things I do when worrying is…write it down. Write done steps that you CAN actually do to help the situation. Hand it to God, let it go. Be positive and find things to be thankful for.

God really does care for us intimately. He knows us inside out and knows what is best. Sometimes we need to travel through stressful situations, but he has promised to be our strength and fortress through those times. His grace is sufficient, his love overflowing, His arms are strong enough to carry us.

Thank you Jesus!

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