A prayer for my church

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We wish you many blessings,
From our lounge to yours
As we meet in different homes,
The Holy Spirit soars

Let us share of God’s goodness
with those around us,
For his love and protection
Thanksgiving is a must

Worship is different lately
In agreement we nod,
We long to sing together
And corporately worship God

But our worship can be full
Even when we are few
As the promise of the Spirit
Is sure with one or two.

Lets reflect on God’s providence
This past week
And proclaim His majesty
While His presence we seek

For his kindness and mercy
Is a piece of His kingdom to taste
It will pursue us forever
With His never ending Grace

So from our lounge to yours
We hope you are doing ok
Here is some love and blessings
On this Sabbath day

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